Puppy Care

Puppies need loads of love, time, and attention, but sometimes you may have to leave them for longer than you or they - would like. We can help. We'll visit your puppy for hr or 1 hour as you wish, giving them care, cuddles and play, as well as food and water if required.

Depending on your puppy's temperament, age and needs we'll help give them new experiences, building their confidence about the world around them. We'll also help socialise them with people, and prepare them for meeting other dogs when they are older.

When you get in touch the first step is to arrange a free first meeting with you and your puppy. We like to get to know you and find out about your puppy's care requirements. Once we start caring for your puppy we'll keep you informed about what we have done with them. We also ask you to keep us informed of any new developments, by liaising closely we can provide a consistent approach to help the puppy know what is expected of him.

In addition to the references shown we can provide verbal references. We are fully insured and police checked. We have subscribed to Harrogate Borough Council's code of conduct for Professional Dog walkers. House keys are kept unlabelled and locked away when not in use.

Satisfied Customers Say:

"Margaret has been looking after my Miniature Schnauzer, Minnie, since she was 3 months old. Initially, she provided puppy visits, which were invaluable. Margaret gave advice on training and socialising Minnie, and gently introduced her to other dogs. Her knowledge and sensible approach to dog ownership has really helped, and she is always willing to give advice on any puppy problems!

The daily diary is fantastic, letting me know where Minnie has been each day, and even the odd photo from her adventures. Knowing that Minnie is being cared for and is having fun while I am at work is a real weight off my mind.

I would not hesitate to recommend Margaret, she is entirely trustworthy and has very reasonable rates for the excellent level of service she provides."
Alex D.

Please telephone or text for enquiries.

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